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We Loan Money When Banks Will Not!


How the six month FAA registration delay is effecting the industry.

FAA’s Six-Month Document Processing Delay Is Causing Problems      

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Pilot Shortage – Act Now!

Addressing the ongoing pilot shortage (   The pilot shortage is real. Let TMG finance your first purchase to build hours or let us help you obtain your license and be in the position for a successful, lucrative career as a commercial pilot!  Ask about our new heavily discounted Bristell Flight Training program.  

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Planemoney99 is a proud new Sponsor of the 99’s

The 99’s are exhibiting wonderful leadership for women in aviation. Please consider sponsoring them and watching their new mini-series along with us! 04/07/2022 – The 99s International Member Council working for Inclusion, Diversity, and Cultural Sensitivity while Overcoming Barriers to Aviation presents the “WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN” mini-series …

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TMG Video, TMG customers are happy!

Please check this video to offer some examples of happy customers over the past thirty years or so. We are always happy to help you find that perfect plane! Video – Google Photos

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General Aviation Aircraft Pricing Trends

General Aviation has seen skyrocketing aircraft sales and values. Let TMG close the gap on what you can afford to buy in cash to what you really want. If you’ve made the decision to invest in an aircraft, why not purchase the plane that will please you and fit all your needs. The prices have really gone up and I do believe they are here to stay. Between the increased costs of maintenance, overhauling engines and fabulous smart avionics upgrades, the older fleet we used to cast off as “cash only planes” have now substantially increased in value.

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Fun at Fun and Sun

Let us supply you with quick financing so you can bring your new pride and enjoy to the next airshow. Visiting airshows gives you such a wonderful feeling of belonging. Great community to be a part of.  We are here to help you fulfill your aviation dreams! Check out the link to Fun n Sun […]

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Finance your panel upgrade today!

Finance your upgrade today. Quick and easy approvals!
Give your Saratoga, Lance, Piper, Bonanza, or Cherokee Six the upgrade it deserves.  
Check out the below link to see the quality at Bartelt Aviation!!
Just send us your invoice and we can finance up to 100 percent of your upgrade!

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